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May 25th '12


Laura love Jon Due July 2 (girl); Pennsylvania 11 posts
Jun 30th '12

My sisters boy is 4, and he has trouble do some of these things too. She got him checked and the Dr said nothing was wrong, he was a normal little boy. Did his school say you should get him checked? Cause if not Hun I wouldn't worry! You don't need to be over-stressing!!

myr-a-myr 3 kids; Quebec 2280 posts
Jul 3rd '12

Well he is three so still very young could just be that he is a little slower in that aspect yet strong at learning :).

If you see clear issues though your best bet would be to have him evaluated by an occupational therapist for the fine and gross motricity skills.

Also if you feel he has a receptive speech problem I would have him evaluated by a speech therapist.

It's great you are having his ears and eyes checked too. That way those can be checked off the list when you book your appointments if there is no problem detected with his hearing or vision.