feeding preemie lylahsmommy Norwalk, California 901 posts
May 24th '12

I had my daughter at 36 weeks she weighs 4 lbs 13 oz and she is 9 days old and she drinks breastmilk from a bottle and she eats 1 oz or sometimes 1 1/2 do u think that's to much or too little or just fine?

EasyComeEasyGo 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Maryland 8035 posts
May 24th '12

She will eat until she's full..every baby is different. my daughter was preemie, and at 1 month old, she was just getting to 1 oz!

Brandi Eastman 2 kids; Youngsville, Pennsylvania 1452 posts
May 24th '12

My LO was 12 wks early. He didn't start getting fed until he was about 2 wks old, and that was BM thru a g-tube. 1 mL ever 4 hrs. it was gradually increased. Buy the time he came home at 11 wks old, weight exactally 5 lbs, he was only eating 2 oz ever 4 hrs.