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May 24th '12
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We have Fallon. If they didn't help cover it then her medicaid(which she gets cause the state considers micro-preemies disabled) would've kicked in and paid full price for it, but since Fallon is willing to help then we have to pay that "copay".
The reasoning is that being a preemie she has to catch up and requires a higher caloric and more specific formula. The Dr insists she have a specific formula so they are willing to cover it if it's for her health. The same goes for when a baby is allergic and requires specific formulas, their insurance might be willing to help. It doesn't hurt to ask. I don't know what pump you are using, but the insurance told us it wouldn't cover both formula and a pump (we were renting through the hospital), just a heads up.

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May 24th '12

Enfamil EnfaCare [22calories], my son started on the EnfaCare 20cal in NICU then went to 22cal two days before our discharge. I asked his pediatrician when we could up him to newborn formula and he said to wait a month and let him pack on the pounds.

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May 24th '12

I called my insurance and they wont cover since we can get it over the counter. The doc called back and said that we can try enfamil gentleeast with her first.

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May 25th '12

similac neosure

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May 27th '12

My son didn't do well with Neosure or breast milk (he has reflux and lactose issues) so he was switched to Similac Sensitive for spit up in the green bottle before he was discharged from the NICU.

He's doing great on it so far. He's so much happier and less fussy, we are glad we found something that works for him.