Cracks on bottom of feet? xSunshineox3 3 kids; 1 angel baby; 8489 posts
May 20th '12

So I've noticed these really deep cracks on the bottom of my feet and big toe. It isn't just on one foot either it's on both feet same spots and everything.

I forgot to bring it up with my doctor the other day.

Anyone else have this and know what its from??? The cracks don't look that deep in the picture but they really are deep ((sry about the ugly feet ahaha I don't like feet and I never get pedi's))


I'm His Amy He's My Rory 2 kids; Caldwell, Idaho 49366 posts
May 20th '12

I get them. Dry dead skin build up. Ped egg for the win :D Helps but they don't go away completely.

Mirah 1 child; Mississippi 913 posts
May 20th '12

I never got cracks like that but I always get really really dry feet in the summertime, especially my heels b/c I like to run around barefoot all the time. (they get so dry they try to peel and it huuuurts!) Go get some foot therapy creme, or some other kind of really really thick lotion, and right after you get out the bath at night slather them with that shit.I mean CAKE it on there, then put on a pair of nice thick socks. (like boot socks) and sleep in them. It's a little sweaty and uncomfortable, but if you can do it for a week's worth of nights I promise it will help with that excessive dry skin. Still go show your Dr though, he might be able to write you a script for some kind of medicated lotion for them, but still do the sock at night trick. It will work wonders, I promise! :D

xSunshineox3 3 kids; 1 angel baby; 8489 posts
May 20th '12

I hate it so much because it makes my feet feel numb and when the cracks are open they hurt lol

Army♡Wife 1 child; Colorado 343 posts
May 20th '12

I've got super dry feet, and they got worse when pregnant. Mine cracked on my heels. I just lotioned those suckers up, or put vasoline on them and slept with socks on for a few nights and it helped.