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Jun 10th '12

My mom knows but we don't talk about it really. She knew because I'd mentioned if I was pregnant(last year before abortion) that I'd not carry out the pregnancy. And she knew I'd missed my period because she was nosy and kept asking.
She also knew I was gone overnight(the nearest abortion clinic is 3 hours away and I had to be there at 7 am,'d think there'd me more than one in this shitty state) and I was like still almost drugged like when I got home, and of course she saw me taking the antibiotics after.
But I never really mentioned and she didn't really either, except for one time.
About a week after the procedure though, I got deathly sick...vomiting so bad my insides hurt. I called and asked about it at the place but they said "it's nothing we did" of course, to protect their own asses. I was ok though.

But she really only mentioned it while I was sick. It hasn't came up since then. She's pretty much against it but there was nothing she could do to stop me.