Mama_llama 2 kids; ???, Pa, United States 3035 posts
Nov 29th '07
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Mama D. 18 kids; Georgia 8706 posts
Nov 29th '07

Morning sickness(nausea and vomiting)
Aversions to almost every food
Cravvvvved fruits & popsycles
Detested veggies

And I'm having a girl.

Sody's party of six 6 kids; Lancaster, Ohio 10094 posts
Nov 29th '07

I have two boys and one girl and never noticed a difference in my pregnancies. No morning sickness, no extra heartburn, and I carried them all the same.

Reney 1 child; Ontario 4 posts
Jun 16th '08

Hello everyone. I have a lil boy who is now 13 mths. My symptoms while pregnant with him inluded:
Horrible morning sickness!! Every morning no up until 5 mths.
Very sore b**bs, 70lb weight gain, couldn't get enough of food, fruits, cucumber
don't know if any of you moms have craved ice-cubes?? pregnant with my son, i could not get enough icecubes, and the weird thing being that i have really sensitive teeth, but it didn't seem to bother me then. Now iam 9 weeks pregnant with my second child and iam really hoping for a girl this time around.. The symtoms are a lil different.I have morning sickness, but i don't atually get sick, just feel like iam, very tired, and bitchy out of nowwhere.. Has anyone had girls with these symtoms?? i keep telling myself that it is different this time. i hope iam right. please anyone who has had a girl or is having a girl and ur symptoms are similar to mine now, let me know.

2208danyell Ontario 1 posts
Jul 28th '08

I am a first time mom and am going into my 14th week and wow i am never a sick person so this has been hell for me. I am up and down like a yo yo one minute i am sick then iam not,allday long this goes on. I will find out soon what i am having but it is so hard to tell with what all you gals are saying. I have also never had heart burn in my life, i have no clue what it feels like. But definately rundown feeling. I crave whatever cross's my mind and sounds good at that moment EXCEPT pizza totally want nothing to do with it!! Ued to love it. I will usaully throw up in the morning and just rollercoaster the rest of the day. I hope i get lucky and will glid on threw the rest! Fingers crosssed but toally worth it for my first beautiful baby. Any guess's as to what its gunna be?????send a message before Aug 9

dancing nancy South Carolina 1 posts
Sep 3rd '08

when i was pregnant with my son, i had little to no morning sickness. I loved cheese, chicken, hamburgers, anything heavy like italian food. i didn't really hate a whole lot of food. and i was hungry all the time.
Now that I find myself pregnant again this time, i'm sick all the time--though that has subsided in the past few weeks--i hate alot of foods like beef and eggs. I tend to eat lots of mediterranean foods like pita bread falafel, hummus. Salads as well. But i'm also extremely exhausted alot, and slow to gain weight.
I've been VERY sensitive to smells, and i can't even walk into my own bathroom without getting sick, even though it's clean. it's just ridiculous. I hope this is a girl. because it's totally opposite from my first pregnancy.

2_boys_and_a_? Due September 19; Ontario 1 posts
Jan 28th '10

I have 2 boys and both times i felt great. My hair, skin, and nails were nice and healthy and i felt good about myself...very little sickness. This time i feel awful i feel yucky and im getting pimples and i cannot cook or stand any smells. I used to change poopy diapers with my 2 boys without a hitch hwne i worked in daycare and now i can even stand the smell of food... i think it might be a girl but i dont know!

Alayah's mommy ♥ Due September 29 (boy); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Grand Rapids, Michigan 4882 posts
Jan 28th '10

I wanted salty and sour stuff all the timeand Im having a girl. Also toco bell :)

Roxii3 Due July 4 (girl); New York 1 posts
Feb 19th '10

This is my first child and I having a girl. I have morning sickness very rarely. My stomach is round and barrel type, and I have craveings for sour things like lime with salt ! And pickels and the olives I eat jars of them also. My face broke out really bad and my skin is extra dry and so is my scalp I never had dandruff like dus before! But these are the symptoms in experiencing with my first child!.

boy mom 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Tennessee 3244 posts
Feb 19th '10

symptoms have nothin to do with what yr having. everybodys different too-so u nvr knw

K-Bug's Momma 1 child; Manassas, Virginia 32 posts
Feb 19th '10
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Maria Doncaster United Kingdom 1 posts
Jun 19th '10

with my girls i had realy bad morning sickness but in the 2nd timster i had lots of energy but a scan shows im 90% having a boy this time and i had morning sickness in early pregnancy mainly if i smelt something bad but im so tired all the time i have been having little naps to get me through the day.

mummyof6 Due February 9 (twins); 35 kids; Chelmsford, United Kingdom 10 posts
Jun 19th '10

hi i have four girls and 1 boy with my son i was sooooooooo tired craved meat and got spots :( really tender b**bs that hurt even when i wasnt touching them and seemed to have to shave my legs less than usual after i hit twelve weeks.
all my girls were pretty easy on me :)

NZMelanie Due March 22; 5 kids; Hamilton, MP, New Zealand 24 posts
Jun 20th '10
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Angel McClain New York 1 posts
Jul 11th '10

Well my first was a girl and everything made me sick but fruit. It's the same this time with the addition of yogurt (fruit on bottom) and any dairy products. I have heartburn but had it with all the other 3. They say its a sign that your baby will have a full head of hair. My husband had the morning sickness with the 2 boys and me now and with my daughter.