teen parenting lisa castillo 1 child; Passaic, New Jersey 5 posts
May 16th '12

My name is lisa and i know how hard is to be a teenage mom, sometimes is different when everybody is supporting but there's always going to be problems.

I am going to write about myself, my history.

When i was 15 i got pregnat and when my mother find out that i was expecting i got so embarrased so my boyfriend and i decide to move together, at first everything was so nice it was like a dream the perfect relasionship, well in july 5 we found out that we were having a baby boy everybody was so happy i though that always will be the same, on july 25 was when the problems start he left his job and we couldn't support our apartment so he decide that i was have to go back to my mother house, she support me and said that i could stay there.

My mother start to complain about my boyfriend and that was hurtfully for me because i love my mother and i do love him, and by the time it was getting worse he couldn't even go to my house, all nigths i cried, i get dipressed, they were saying that he is not a good men and i was going crazy,until we finally move back together in october just one month before my due date, at fist was hard i though that would never be the same between me and him but it was there the same love.

On november 22 my baby was born and it was the best time of our life,all colors have returned.

Now i am a teen mom and i am proud to have my baby with me, sometimes we all have our ups and downs but the love its more stronger than anything.



Hocus Pocus Due September 27 (boy); Japan 1096 posts
May 16th '12

Congrats on being a strong teen mom and doing what you feel is best for your child.keep your head up and don't let anyone tear you down.

lisa castillo 1 child; Passaic, New Jersey 5 posts
May 16th '12

THANKS i am doing my best with my baby and just missing something important and is school but am going to take the first step and i know i am going to have a degree in education like i always dream it

lisa castillo 1 child; Passaic, New Jersey 5 posts
May 16th '12

i know is not about the age and am doing my best with my kid and you know i have my ups and down like all moms <3