infantile spasms reality Due December 10 (boy); 2 kids; Fall River, Massachusetts 185 posts
May 15th '12

Is there anyone on here whose child was diagnosed with this?my son is two and has a wide range of delayment issues.he also seems to have spastic seizuures every so often where his muscles contract and he stiffens his armas and legs and looks like happy fingers.I would really like to speak with another mom please

Rosanna Leigh Due July 26 (girl); 1 child; Kildare, Ireland 245 posts
Jun 16th '12

my daughter had infantile spasms when she was younger to me tho it was just a number of different seizures her very first she would fling her head backwards then they progressed into all different types of spasms stiffening etc we had to get her front 8 teeth removed because she bit the top of her thong off :( . she is on a number of meds for her seizures now but if im correct Tampax gave us the best result but she was also on sabril and epilim too at the time .