Stef ♥Gru41weeks Due June 23; 51 kids; United Kingdom 2095 posts
Jun 12th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting ♥Leah+3♥:</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting ♥ Stef ♥:</b>" These are great, but how do you 'snag' ... [snip!] ... upload them to photo bucket or another photo sharing site and put them on your page the same way you put your pics on there :)"</blockquote>

Ok thank you :-) was having a very blonde moment.

Coltin's Mama ♥ 17 kids; Waynesboro, Pennsylvania 725 posts
Jun 26th '12

Snagged "My Son Watches Spongebob" (:

Mommy+baby 1 child; South Carolina 402 posts
Jun 29th '12

snagged one of the spongebob ones

Beautifully Mixed! 1 child; Minnesota 4133 posts
Jul 12th '12

Very cute!
I sangged the "My daughter loves Toy Story" and pink zebra BG member 2008

Hailee's Mama + 2 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Georgia 14102 posts
Jul 15th '12

so cute! snagged the toy story one!

T I F F A N Y ♥ 1 child; Shelton, WA, United States 547 posts
Jul 21st '12

snagged BG member since 2011! so cute

SuicidalCupCakes 1 child; Pinellas Park, Florida 243 posts
Aug 10th '12
Quoting Leah+3 ♥ [11wks]:" Here are my newest snags, I will update with more any ideas welcome Please Comment if you snag Enjoy :) "

snagged ty

Khryztal 18 kids; 1 angel baby; Florida 4461 posts
Aug 13th '12

Snag a few! they are awesome! thankk you!!

amc ❤ 1 child; Georgia 836 posts
Aug 13th '12

Snagged the spongebob one :)

user banned ........., KS, United States 15498 posts
Oct 28th '12

I snagged a pink BG Member since 2008

There super cute!