miss_mommy_broom_ 1 child; Bassfield, Mississippi 154 posts
May 10th '12

Everything sounds fine I tested for weeks after we tried and wen I found out I was already 8 weeks with no sickness so I didn't even no but if ur working take it easy that's the only time I got sick cuz I over heated

Hope Mauck Due September 5; Elizabethton, Tennessee 15 posts
May 10th '12
Quoting !!Katie!!:" I'm really not trying to be mean or anything, but I noticed on your last comment you wrote LOL about ... [snip!] ... LOL about a miscarriage...and now "lol" in places that really aren't funny at all? What's with all the "lol"s? Just wondering."

just a habit i suppose, i can assure you i wasn't lol-ing about my miscarriages. in my first comment i said lol after just to be safe nothing at all to do with my miscarriages. why does this thing keep saying 'snip' and removing parts of the comment?

NoahsSuperMom! 1 child; Florida 1429 posts
May 10th '12

I never got symptoms. I only got fat and got kicked in places that should never be kicked...

Tristan Miller TTC since Oct 2013; 3 kids; Dayton, Ohio 384 posts
May 10th '12

I'm eleven weeks along and I just barely started getting symptoms. From what I read though 7 weeks is usually when they hit. Be patient momma :) I'm sure the little one is still in there.

NadieAlawa 16 kids; Texas 94 posts
May 10th '12

Thanks you guys, you've made me feel SO much better! I'll try to calm down and just enjoy not being sick right now. Thanks again!