~*~ Nichole ~*~ 4 kids; Vancouver, Washington 11261 posts
May 9th '12
Quoting Nikki♡Maddie&Bean:" Another one is confusing, though."

Yeah November has enough threads lol

Nikki ♥+3 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Colorado Springs, Colorado 14620 posts
May 9th '12
Quoting ~*~ Nichole ~*~:" Yeah November has enough threads lol"

lmao we've had about 4 now.

Vicky7suttell Due January 3 (boy); Guelph, Ontario 13 posts
May 12th '12

NOV 25 2012

Jynxd Blyss Due November 11 (girl); 4 kids; Australia 907 posts
May 13th '12


TheButterflyEffect Due November 24; New Hampshire 38 posts
May 15th '12

November 25th 2012!! You're a day after me (:

Katelyn Grant Due November 7; Knoxville, Tennessee 10 posts
May 15th '12

Im due november 8th

EmmaRobbins Due December 1; United Kingdom 1 posts
May 17th '12

im due 30th november =]

PrincessB 3 kids; Indiana 381 posts
May 17th '12

November 21st...on my sons 2nd birthday!!! :shock::D

Angeleia Due October 2 (boy); 1 child; Virginia Beach, Virginia 66 posts
May 20th '12

due november 5th, 2012

karla platt Due November 26 (boy); 1 child; Wolverhampton, United Kingdom 96 posts
May 23rd '12

Im due November 27th :)

Jewel Thompson Due November 29; Japan 1 posts
May 27th '12
Quoting EmmaRobbins:" im due 30th november =]"

Same here, kinda excited :)

Kitty Kat57 Due November 4 (girl); Stoughton, Massachusetts 4 posts
Jun 5th '12

Due November 5th!

GetItGirl Due September 21; 2 kids; Virginia 3096 posts
Jun 6th '12
Quoting Pregnant Hitler:" Nope. I didn't join the new one after the first one. I am in a group with some of the girls on Facebook."

how do you join the FB group?

Alicia Hachey Due November 6; Miramichi, New Brunswick 63 posts
Jun 7th '12

Due November 7th, but i got a feeling our little peanut is probably coming in october, maybe around my birthday :)

Brianne Katlyn Conklin Due January 25 (boy); 2 kids; Paducah, Kentucky 7 posts
Sep 25th '12
Quoting Angelica Estrada:" I'm looking for some due date buddies :)Nov 26"

Im due november 26th and cant wait we only have 9 more weeks :D