Four year old stuttering - Anyone have experience in this? faireprincessmom 50 kids; Massachusetts 37 posts
May 8th '12

Not sure if this the appropriate place for this post but I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of where to start...

My four year old started preschool this last fall and is currently on an IEP for a couple things, social and speech. He's made great improvements in the social area but where he's having difficulty is with his speech. He seems to have a stutter. We thought he was making improvements but it's come back and seems to be even worse. It breaks my heart, I don't know what to do. I've done some research on the Stuttering Foundation and his therapist at school is helping us out but I still feel helpless and clueless. Yesterday his therapist at school approached me about getting him some extra help this summer. Fortunately our insurance will help cover that but now we've got to figure out who to pick. Has anyone gone through this with their child? Do you have any tips? Thanks so much.

Jamie Reyka 1 child; Richmond, Virginia 779 posts
May 8th '12

I had a stuttering problem when I was little. But I out grew it by the age of 6. A lot of kids out grow stutterig problems. Aleast that was what was told to my mom when I was young. If I doesnt get better then maybe more intensive speech terror might be nesscary.

Mombom 4 kids; Minnesota 2588 posts
May 8th '12

How long has he been stuttering? My son stuttered for just one year, from age 3-4.