How early can you lose your mucus plug?? Teela, mommy of 2! 1 child; Kentucky 264 posts
May 6th '12

I am 28 weeks, and i have been having thick mucus like discharge when i wipe after i use the restroom. (tmi sorry) is that normal at this stage in pregnancy?

ღ my ☼ Michigan 7713 posts
May 6th '12

You can lose your mucous plug all throughout your pregnancy. All at once, or in small bits and pieces. It regrows itself.

nothing to worry about :)

NothingToSeeHere. 1 child; Wonderland, US, United States 5717 posts
May 6th '12

You can lose it just about any time, it really doesn't mean anything because it can regenerate itself.

Lindie (blissed out) 2 kids; Australia 12462 posts
May 6th '12

I doubt it's your mucus plug. Crazy discharge is normal through pregnancy, though. It's how your body keeps the cervix and vaginal canal clean.

EDIT: Saw the above comment and realised I was wrong! Yes, your mucus plug does regenerate.

♛ Spectacular.#4 4 kids; Alabama 19638 posts
May 6th '12

It could just be thick mucous that just looks like plug. Also it can come out in pieces at any point. It can regenerate.

Teela, mommy of 2! 1 child; Kentucky 264 posts
May 6th '12

Thanks! :) did not know that! makes me feel a lot better now!

Crystal Willis Green 20 kids; Suffolk, Virginia 172 posts
May 6th '12

it may not be your plug but you can have a lot of discharge during pregnancy also, if it doesnt chill or gets worst call dr. could be getting a yeast infection

Jeeper 1 child; Orlando, Florida 2287 posts
May 6th '12

I started losing mine at 26 weeks. I still lose a bit of it every once in a while. My cervix is already softening and opening a bit though so that might be the cause of mine. If you are losing it I don't think you have to worry unless it is bloody.