my 3 year old hates me *exhausted rant* hi puddin 4 kids; Lawrence, Kansas 2118 posts
May 3rd '12

Well he will be 3 in July..... he is constantly hitting me, kicking me, yelling at me, running away from me and his newest thing is to scream at the top of his lungs to get what he wants....I have done the spankings, the time outs, the raising of my voice, the getting down to his level and talking to him, the ignoring the behavior....nothing works! I'm exhausted.... he only does this with me... when he goes to his dads house he's fine.... I've already asked his dad if he can take him longer than he does and he can't because of his job....I'm due in a month....I'm tired I'm stressed and having so many BH that I'm thinking she will come early.....I don't know if he is just acting out because daddy is no longer here or if its the terrible twos or a behavior problem....wait...can't be behavioral because he only does it with me and all of the sudden his halo pops out everywhere it wrong that I'm actually looking forward to having the baby so I can be away from him for awhile? I love my kids to death, but mommy is gonna end up in the nuthouse and bald from tearing all her hair out...................sigh.....

Kylees Mama 1 child; Faribault, Minnesota 4193 posts
May 3rd '12

He probably senses things will change soon.

3Lsmomma Due September 22 (boy); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Oklahoma 2826 posts
May 3rd '12

Be consistent with what discipline you are going to use. We use time out, works far better than spanking. He may not get off his bed until we tell him he can. If he screams/crys, he sits there until he is calm and then we have a chat. Mine is 3, and being consistent with times out has worked wonderfully with us. What works with some kids may not work with others.

Mommy to 2 Silly Monsters 2 kids; Austin, Texas 4429 posts
May 3rd '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting hi puddin:</b>" Well he will be 3 in July..... he is constantly hitting me, kicking me, yelling at me, running away from ... [snip!] ... my kids to death, but mommy is gonna end up in the nuthouse and bald from tearing all her hair out...................sigh....."</blockquote>

Maybe its jealousy, he is the baby and once baby arrives he feels he is going to be left out. Try giving him some quality time and let him know he is not going to be left out. Sorry momma wish u the best

_______Nope_________ 23772 posts
May 3rd '12

You said "daddy is no longer here," so did his dad recently move out? That will be a HUGE adjustment period for a child. Also, if you're tired all the time, he could be getting bored and be feeling somewhat neglected at home. Things are changing for him and it's a rough transition.

Deborah Stechschulte 3 kids; Ohio 2565 posts
May 3rd '12

Oh it's not a bad thing.... I can't wait for my hospital stay, either. No responsibilities: just the arduous task of popping out my 3rd...

My son does that to me, but I"m home with him more often...I'm home all day 4 days out of the week (I work about 21-25 hrs a week total), but my son NEVER stops 'pushing his boundaries' with me...he turned 2 in March.

Have you tried retaliation at all? that's the only way I got my son to stop biting me. I bit him back. Took two or three times to figure out how 'hard' I had to do it, but as soon as I hit that point, he quit.

how about removal from the situation? if he is throwing a fit in the kitchen, pick him up and sit him in a different room and tell him he can only come back when he can act like a big boy....remove toys if that's the object... sorry if you've tried 'em but I'm going over what you didn't mention just in case.

as for the screaming, don't give into all. When my daughter decided to try that, I scream at her louder...and I got 'in her face'. and make a mad face..that usually makes her cry but it put a stop to things.

I guess it depends on the rest of your situation -- are you Single mommy now or living with parents/friends? Does anyone treat you with disrespect around him? what's changed for him that he might be 'blaming' on you?

hi puddin 4 kids; Lawrence, Kansas 2118 posts
May 3rd '12

Thank you all for your suggestions and I said I've tried everything.....his dad and I split up in feb and he did move yeah I see the adjustment issues and the blaming me for it....I'm a sahm right now so he gets one on one time with me every weekday until his brother and sister come home from school.......he was fine in the beginning of the break up but its just geetting worse.....he is the one that's exhausting me by constantly getting after him.....he doesn't understand the reward system and the time outs will work for a short period of time.......I do think its a combo of daddy not being here and I'm getting closer to my due date......funny he only wants to cuddle with me when its time for him to sleep.......there are times he is so bad that I have my oldest (14 year old) to watch him while I cry in the bath.......I also think he knows that I can't get after him as fast as I use to.......crossing fingers its a phase....a short one........thanks for letting me vent=)

Shelly Krepp Due June 6; Japan 1 posts
Jan 14th '13

Hello, I can relate even though my sons dad and I are still together. I've tried everything just shy of therapy! The only reason I hasn't done that is because they don't take my insurance. I had a baby after him, but things were bad before that also. At first I worked full time, so I thought that was the problem, but now I'm a stay at home mom/college student with two boys and it hasn't gotten much better. I've tired everything also, however I realized he was bored and spent more quality time with him alone and that seemed to help. But I agree it may be all of the changes going on in the house that is contributing to his behavior. If the quality time and more cognitive stimulation doesn't work I would try therapy. Good luck!