Preeclampsia Magnesium C, IL, United States 8499 posts
May 2nd '12

I need some information on preeclampsia other than it is high blood pressure & excessive levels of protein in the urine. :) what are some signs, symptoms and cures other than delivering (if any) to reduce it? thanks!

Lucy Q TTC since Jul 2014; 3 kids; No where, Nc, United States 548 posts
May 2nd '12

Upper left qudraine pain, face swelling along with hands not so much the feet and legs most pregnant women get that and a new one I found out this time around is hyperrefleixs like when your dr hits your knee mine would bounce back and almsot kick her.. the only way to really cure PRE E is to deliver its in the placenta they will try to keep the baby in for as long as possible if they are able probly be put on some magnesium wich is the devils drug im sure of it I just had my 2nd baby with PRE E two week ago and was in the hosptial for a month before I delivered