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May 6th '12
Quoting A, E & W's mommy:" I had a wonderer but she was too young to be able to open the door. I do however have a friend who is ... [snip!] ... up to the company but turned on so that if the doors or windows opened that the system would go off and she would be warned."

I've actually looked at the shoe tracking device for when we go to the children's museum and zoo, and ultimately, the statefair. So, that's another thing we are looking at.

We also got him an idea bracelet...btu he takes it off :/

Jen Morrissey Japan 1 posts
May 9th '12

Depending on where you live in Minnesota, you may be able to get the SafetyNet by LoJack service. SafetyNet is a tracking bracelet that your child would wear 24 hours a day (since we do not know when the wandering is going to happen) and in the event that he wanders and gets lost, the police would use special equipment to find him but essentially tracking the bracelet he is wearing. Please feel free to email me ( for more info, or go to our webpage at to read more about it.