Does anyone know what might be wrong? Heather.McCann 3 kids; Tennessee 12 posts
Apr 30th '12

I had my tubes tied in August 2011. I had a period around the 4/14 and it was the normal 5 days. My periods are pretty regular. We have unprotected sex since I had my tubes tied. Well Today 4/29 I went to the bathroom and had discharge with some slight bleeding. I have been feeling a little crampy but not real bad. Could I be fixin to have another period, a UTI, or even pregnant? I had implantation with my other children but I have had my tubes tied. So I am really confused on what could be wrong.

Lynnybell 17 kids; Brick, New Jersey 69 posts
Apr 30th '12

Well, it is possible for pregnancy to happen even after your tubes are tied. I would take a test. If it is a UTI there is usually a burning or pain when urinating. If anything wait a day or two if no period, I would take a test if that comes up negative, try some cranberry juice or the cranberry pills (work wonders!)
Hope everything works out well for you!