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Apr 29th '12

My daughter is 16 Months old. She had her 15 month shots on april 18. As of friday night she broke out in a fever and has not been lower then 100. Ive been giving her tylenol and motrion for that. Well last night she had these bumps all over her bum, now today there spreading all over her body. I called her dr and they said this can happen because they vaccine contains the live virus and to have her checked out tomorrow.

Has anyone else had this happen to their LO after getting the vaccine? Also what did you do to help it go away. TIA im just a worried mama!

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Apr 29th '12

chicken pox usually start out on the belly... but do the dots have a white head type looking thing? or do you have a picture?

-BLT- Due May 20; 1 child; St Louis, Missouri 2572 posts
Apr 29th '12

I think it's fairly normal. My girl has a few bumps-type rash after hers and they went away in a couple days. Are they bothering her? Itching?

Britsomes Due August 30 (boy); 1 child; Utah 127 posts
Apr 29th '12


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Apr 29th '12

Its pretty normal.

My daughter caught chicken pox at 12 months-fever whole nine yards. just give her oatmeal baths, and some lotion to help with the itching. Alternate tylenol/motren. It should clear up soon.