Getting a car through DHS? Gracie's Mumma 1 child; Michigan 403 posts
Apr 29th '12

Has anyone ever gotten help from DHS (welfare) for a car. I've heard of a Ways to Work program but you have to have had your job for at least 6 months and I've only been at mine for 4. I'm getting promoted to be a shift manager and my car recently broke down beyond reasonable repair and I sent it to the junkyard. A lot of people are telling me that DHS can give me some type of voucher for a car but I'm soo anxious to know what it's all about and I can't find anything on the web. Have any of you ladies in Michigan ever utilized it?

*Mrs. Varicose Veins* 5 kids; Chunky, Mississippi 22987 posts
Apr 29th '12

I've only heard of getting a car from certain churches. DHS here will pay your car insurance and repairs up to $1000 a year I think but they will not purchase or help buy a car for you.

kakskvkm_plus 1 Due December 10; 20 kids; 1 angel baby; Nebraska 5043 posts
Apr 29th '12

In NE you have to go through a program called employment first..and once you complete the program they give you a $2500.00 voucher to get a car. They will also pay $50.00 to have the car ran through a diagnostic make sure you are not getting a junker. I dont have to many details about it and I only know of three people get the voucher.

Steven Jesse Sage Due January 29; 2 kids; Chipley, Florida 23 posts
Oct 2nd '12

Yes you can get a car from DHS. I just recently received my car from them. They pay up to $2000. But anything more you have to pay.

bye felicia 6 kids; china, ny, United States 2522 posts
Oct 2nd '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Mary Charlie Steven & Jes:</b>" Yes you can get a car from DHS. I just recently received my car from them. They pay up to $2000. But anything more you have to pay."</blockquote>

I also live in FL. Could u please give me more info? I'm in serious serious. Need of car

TonyandAlicia Carlo 1 child; Michigan 1 posts
May 10th '13
how exactly do you apply for the car voucher?
Mimi A 2 kids; Raven, VA, United States 506 posts
May 10th '13

I'm very curious about this. I'm not sure how it works. I was looking the other day cause I had heard something very similar. I tried searching for information on who's eligible but couldn't find anything.

Nomans Hobbs United States 1 posts
Apr 8th '14

Do anybody know the name of the voucher. .. im 18yrs old I just got a job and im in NEED OF TRANSPORTATION AND im about to loose my job because lack of transportation I am alone and I need help if someone could help me ... Answer me plz

Haley Wolters United States 1 posts
Sep 19th '14

My case worker said I had to already have a car inspecter by two licensed mechanics before they would even actually give me the voucher. Where can I find a car that the seller will comply with me in michigan? I heard of someone in GR doing it. But no details.