Depression???? Mamma Tags Due August 17 (boy); New York 4 posts
Apr 27th '12

I couldnt be happier at 23 weeks pregnant. The only problem im running into is im starting to feel very un attractive. My husband is great with me being pregant but i want him to be more verbal with telling me how pretty i am every day. With him not im starting to not want to do anything with him, even going to bed at night i dont want to even touch him. This is very odd seems how i cant normally keep my hands off him. The past two weeks ive been in the mood to just be by myself lying in bed with no one around me. I feel like this might be a warning sign, but then it could just be a normal stage in the whole pregnancy. Please give me your advice, thank you!

Mama Crash ☮ Due April 2; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Ocoee, Florida 15509 posts
Apr 27th '12

It's probably just part of the pregnancy. A lot of women go through similar emotions while pregnant, you're not alone. Try talking to him about what you're feeling.

Idlehands 2 kids; Perth, Australia 6121 posts
May 1st '12

I'd imagine it's the massive amount of hormones you have at the moment. If it gets worse or won't go away, I'd bring it up with your doctor. It doesn't hurt to talk about it with them.