USMC WIVES OR GIRLFRIENDS ! shea gonzalez Due August 12; TTC since Sep 2015; 2 kids; Jacksonville, North Carolina 104 posts
Apr 25th '12

my husband will be graduating boot camp in 2 weeks ( i cannot wait to see him ) we have a three month old son
anyways im nervous and excited about what the military life has in store for us..

any advice or heads up would be great!!
thanks in advance

SemperFi031710 Jacksonville, North Carolina 1 posts
Apr 26th '12

Military life is not for everyone but if you are already married to a Marine then that makes u extra tough ;)
I would say stay away from the drama. Many young couples argue a lot because they aren't used to being married, bills etc... So just keep in mind that sometimes is good to stay away from ppl that argue a lot. Trust trust trust!!! You will have your husband going on trainings/deployments and whatever other bs the Marine Corps wants lol.. so make sure that there is plenty of trust. Being away from each other will be tough but true love conquers everything!
Good luck and congrats to your new Marine!