Sit n Stand stroller Nicole:) 2 kids; Texas 473 posts
Apr 25th '12

Sit n stand stroller by baby trend, I just got it but its so bulky in the car, gods thing I have an suv, but how many people have it and was it a good investment, works well? What are the cons if any

audreysmommy07 3 kids; Modesto, California 727 posts
Apr 25th '12

We love ours, but we don't use it all the time since its so big. We mainly use ours at Disneyland and other places like the zoo, mall, etc where there is a lot of walking. I'm pregnant with number 3 and we are going to get the sit n stand double so I can be able to strap in my 2 yr old still and then remove the extra seat when he's older...