Needing recommendations Elisa Alexander Due June 24; Ada, Oklahoma 17 posts
Apr 23rd '12

After 17 years I am having my second child, a girl. So much has changed and I know I can get back in the swing of taking care of a newborn plus I have a great support system now instead of when I was 19. I'm just looking for recommendations on what products mothers are using now i.e. bottles, diapers, etc.

Livi's milk machine 1 child; Portsmouth, Rhode Island 1694 posts
Apr 23rd '12

I use my b**bs. :P I love Luv's diapers.

Mother of Broccoli. 1 child; California 12595 posts
Apr 23rd '12

We use cloth diapers and playtex drop ins bottles.

October2011 Due August 5; 3 kids; Pennsylvania 8805 posts
Apr 23rd '12

best diapers i have found are luvs..they are also the cheapest..but man do they hold in those leaks like no other! Do NOT get pampers sensitive...poop literally goes THROUGH the like crapping thru a tissue.
Bottles..ive tried a bunch and still find that the cheapo parent choice ones from walmart work best. Avent are the worst. (imo)
Wipes...ive tried name brand and and dif store brands..and still parent choice are best, cheap, and super strong.