My police record. Frankie-marie 18 kids; Texas 887 posts
Apr 23rd '12

Alright so tomorrow I have an appointment with a man to check into my background for a job that I am applying for. One of the papers I have to fill out for him is my police record. It says In the last 7 years, have you been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of any offenses?

I have never had any traffic fines but the truth is when I was with an old boyfriend at the PX on Lackland AFB when I was 15, he ended up stealig something, not ME, him. I got arrested with him because I was with him, even though I didn't see him take the object. I didn't even know he was doing it. Yet I got put in a holding cell. They told me every thing was dropped, no charges was put on me, I was in the holding cell for about an hour. The only thing was I was banned from the BX for a year.
When this investigator looks into my background do you think it's something he will find easily? They told me nothing was put against me but I'm just scared this is going to be on my record, I'm very ashamed of it, I can't believe I ever hung out with this guy.
Also do you think its a good thing to tell the investigator about it? Just scared I will then he finds nothing but they still hold it against me and not hire me.

Mami Ana 2 kids; Tallahassee, Florida 3599 posts
Apr 23rd '12

You can always go to your local sheriff's department and pay like 25 bucks I think to have your background check done. Whatever is on that is what will come back on an employer's check.

Rawr! 2 kids; f**king, Austria 2797 posts
Apr 23rd '12

If you were not charged there is nothing on your record. And you were a minor, so it'd be gone anyway.

Mur Due March 5; Kansas 1390 posts
Apr 23rd '12

No, if you weren't actually charged, it won't show up.

Deborah Stechschulte 3 kids; Ohio 2565 posts
Apr 23rd '12

If you weren't charged with anything, it won't be there. no need to tell him -- you didn't do anything wrong.

kitty_ks 1 child; Kansas 41 posts
Apr 23rd '12

if you were not charged or convicted I would not worry about it

Frankie-marie 18 kids; Texas 887 posts
Apr 23rd '12

Oh good, thank you guys. I'm scared shitless thinking it's going to pop up.
Oh and after putting my contacts in the small print said, "Don't include anything before your 16th birthday." It happened like April 11th and my 16th birthday was April 13th.

Sandra D loving my J's 2 kids; Chicago, Illinois 128 posts
Apr 24th '12

Nope, that will not be on your record