i need help adding a bg ticker to my profile Proud Mommie xs 2 :) TTC since Jan 2015; 2 kids; Florida 702 posts
Apr 19th '12

ive been on this site for 5 years and i currently have tickers on my profile, im trying to update my kids and add the pregnancy one and its not letting me :( it says to insert the code please click on the area where you want to insert the code...thats what im doing and noo luck

*Wanting a Miracle* Due December 19; 64 kids; Platte City, Missouri 25 posts
Apr 19th '12

ok i was having the same issue and when i saw this post i decided to try again. i figured it out. this is how i did it.
1) Click Edit Profile
2) Under the "About Me" tab i entered what i wanted to say and then i clicked the CODE button at the top of the text box. (right next to the smily face box)
3) Click the word TICKER in the directions ( it will be highlighted) it will open a second web page that will walk you through how to update birthday tickers and pregnancy tickers.
4) copy and paste the first code and enter it in the code box on the first web page where you are editing your profile.
5) save and update your profile at bottom of page and you are good to go!
this is how i did it. lol dont know if there is a better way to do it, but it wasnt working for me at all the last 3 days... hope this help hunny.