Weight issue. Diyana Harith 1 child; Taiping, Malaysia 6 posts
Apr 17th '12

Hi everyone.

I'm recently concerned about my daughter's weight at the moment. She's a 30 weeker born 2.3lbs (1.07kg). She took exactly 38 days to reach 4lbs. Every monthly check-up the nurses and doctors will point out about her weight, said that she should gain more than she did. They want me to start weaning at her 6 month chronological age (4 mo adj). I'm not very confident starting solids that early so I waited out until she's 5 1/2 mo adjusted.

On her 9th month (7 mo adj) check-up she's only weighing about 13.4lbs. Now she's already on her 10th month and is on stage 3 solid. She's still breastfeeding, exclusively. When she was first out of NICU she's gaining weight fine, ranging from 1.3lbs - 1.8lbs a month but since her 6th month chronological, she gained about 0.9lbs per month for 3 months.

She's very healthy, and her brain development is good too. Her physical milestone is following her adjusted age though. So far she never had any fever, flu or coughing and I'm very grateful for that. It's only her weight that concerns me. I wonder if I should be worried than I am right now.

For the notes, the doctors and nurses are using growth chart for full-term baby to check on her growth. Also this information might be a help to analyze the situation - I am an Asian standing at 5' 4", weighing 94lbs. I've heard people say that babies will usually follow their parents' size. And my husband isn't so big either. He's at 5' 9".

Melinda Lutz 2 kids; Ohio 138 posts
Apr 17th '12

My son wasn't premature but he is on the small side. At first I was worried about his weight but as he has gotten older I just leave it alone he has been under the 5th percentile his entire life but if you look at him he is perfectly healthy and right on track to where he should be developmentally if not advanced in some areas. I would say as long as she is getting enough to eat and looks healthy not to worry if she is meant to be small she is going to continue to be small no matter what or how much you feed her.
I'm 5'3 and my Husband is 5'9 his family is all short and small I'm the shortest in my family.

Beth0106 3 kids; East Greenbush, New York 322 posts
Apr 17th '12

As long as she is healthy & eating, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Every child grows differently. They should be using a growth chart that reflects that she was a preemie. Some kids are just small. there is a family that goes to my church & the two youngest boys are TINY....the older one is about the size of a 3 year old at best (he's 5) and the younger one looks like maybe 1 & 1/2 years (he's 3). They are the complete opposite of my kids. My oldest was born at 8lbs 22in & my son was 9lbs 5oz, 21.5 in. My son weighed 11lbs at 2 weeks & was eating cereal. As long as she is getting the nutrients she needs & isn't losing weight, she's probably just going to be little.

Diyana Harith 1 child; Taiping, Malaysia 6 posts
Apr 17th '12

Thank you so much for your feedback. :)

I guess I needed some assurance. I was fine with her weight before until lately when I started working, I bring her to the office sometimes and I can see she's small compared to her peers. Everytime I meet someone with her in my arms they'll comment on how tiny she is. Here in Malaysia I guess people are still unfamiliar with preemies so when I say she's actually 10 months, they gave me _that_ look; hence I'm getting worried all over again.

Melinda, you're right. It doesn't matter how much I feed her if she's meant to be small.
Beth, she's not losing weight so yea I think she'll remain on the small side. :)