Hello :) AshleyLynn96 Due April 16; California 1 posts
Apr 16th '12

Hello I'm Ashley. I recently gave birth to my son April 13th 2012. He was 7lbs 10oz and 21.5 inches long <3. I am 16 and a single mother, i would like to talk to other teen mommies about things. I really want to breastfeed but he won't latch on and seems to only lick my b**b instead of s*****g it, it will take time, but i will mostly end up pumping and giving it to him in the bottle. Anything is better than nothing :)

Devin- Proud Mama (: Due October 3 (girl); 1 child; Holiday, Florida 17 posts
Apr 16th '12

My son is 7 month now, i had that same problem when he was a newborn. the hospital i went to gave me a rubber n****e (resembles a bottle nippe) to place over mine to make it easier for my son to learn how to eat since he was such a lazy eater. it helped a little but i ended up going to a breast pump. its pratically the same thing. you can pump and store the breast milk and reheat it. it does take a little longer and with a manual pump your arm gets crampy, but its great for them. I only did it for 2 months. i wish i would have done it longer :/ everyone diff though. good luck(: