I'm so lost... Mommy+1 California 897 posts
Apr 13th '12

I feel so alone and confused. I don't know what to do. How did u ladies decide to get an abortion? In my head I know it's the best thing to do but in my heart I'm saying no don't do it :(

I have 2 kids already, a 4 year old and a 3 year old and I couldn't imagine life without them. I think if I didn't already have kids this would be an easier decision in a way.. I keep thinking the baby in me is how my kids started out.. Does that make sense?

In a way we want to keep it because we own a house an have the room. We wanted another baby but not for another year or two. Negatives is I just got a job and having a baby right now will prObably cause me to quit... Also another kid will be very stressful

Everyone's telling me what to do but I can't decide what I want to do... This is the hardest decision of my life

And to top it off my dad passed away last year and I keep thinking he won't meet this baby ;(

Ugh :

user banned New York 15996 posts
Apr 13th '12

Do the pro's outweigh the con's?

*Momma2Boys* 2 kids; Kansas 3014 posts
Apr 13th '12

Well, I dont think you would have to quit your job just because you are pregnant. So don't think like that. Weigh the pros and cons.. And make sure you are 100% positive with your decision.

Mrs. Dexter Morgan 18 kids; Massachusetts 37806 posts
Apr 13th '12

You don't need to quit your job because you got pregnant, many women work until they go into labor.

For me personally though, I would have an abortion if I got pregnant right now. I already have two kids and work a lot, I have just enough patience and energy for the two of them but none otherwise. It wouldn't be fair to them or the newborn if I threw another baby into, we just can't afford it. We only have two bedrooms, our daughter's and our's, which our son sleeps in. The cons of having another child would definitely outweigh the pros.

ILOVEWINE Due April 24; 2 kids; Sweden 10814 posts
Apr 13th '12

Can you currently provide for your kids? Will adding another one hinder your abilities? Can you emotionally handle three kids? Think about how adding one will affect your life forever, if it's positive then have it and if it's negative don't. Only you can make the right choice.

user banned Logan, Utah 3594 posts
Apr 13th '12

I made the choice because the timing just wasnt right, I couldnt afford it and I had a new job and a toddler running around, it was a hard choice to make and a sad choice but I just went and did it, like pulling off a band-aid, got it over with. When the timing was right we planned our next baby and now I'm due in 2 months. I get sad when I think about it sometimes but I know it was the right choice to make for my situation so I don't regret it.

Crystal Mom of 4 4 kids; New York 6309 posts
Apr 13th '12

Take some time to think it over without people talking at you. It isn't their body, they can give input all they want but the decision is yours. Can you handle another one financially, emotionally, etc.? How would you feel if you make a decision either way? How would it effect your life? Good luck to you in making your decision.

Mommy+1 California 897 posts
Apr 13th '12

I meant after the baby is here I'd probably have to quit my job I don't work full time so I wouldn't even get maternity leave.. . I'm leaning towards getting the abortion pill.. My kids are finally both potty trained and over the baby stage to think about doin it all over again is scary. Plus me and my SO have been fighting lately and I'd rather out relationship we 100% before having another .. Just emotionally it sucks :-(

user banned Japan 2 posts
Apr 13th '12

I would suggest that if you are feeling lost and anxious about this, that you not do anything at this point. My advice would be not to let money be your deciding factor. There aren't many adults that say they wish they would have had more money when they were a child, but there are lots that will say they wish they had, had more love or a closer family, etc.. If you go to the end of your pregnancy and still are so uncertain, there is always adoption, but you need to make sure about whatever decision you make because all of them are permanent. So if you are questioning-I would definitely hold off. If you had to stay home, there could be worse things. If you were to keep the baby and have to stay home, then your other children would benefit also.