breast milk problem He;lo 1 child; Texas 445 posts
Apr 11th '12

I wasn't sure where to put this. But I breast pump and it was all going great but I've noticed in the last few days that I'm getting less and less milk pumped everyday....i was wondering is there anything I can do to produce more? Or is that unfortunate.. I really do not want to have to switch to formula :( it broke my heart enough that he stopped latching on:/


Roe23 2 kids; Ottawa, Ontario 4199 posts
Apr 11th '12

Check out:
Scroll down to "Increasing your Milk supply".

Also, keep trying him at the breast. My daughter didn't latch on until about 2.5 months. After she latched on, I continued to pump for a few days but was able to stop soon after. I would offer about once, most days, usually after she had about an ounce, usually she wasn't interested. I was so happy when she latched, I was going to stop pumping soon (or at least cut back).

Best of luck!

Felisha Simpson 2 kids; Port Richey, Florida 23 posts
Apr 11th '12

my daughter latched wonderfully but i was sick of the pain so i started pumping more often and then my milk started to dwindle away and before i knew it i had to supliment forula and was heart broken... so keep trying to get the baby to latch try n try again it will happen/!