DELETED TeenTubby 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New Jersey 811 posts
Apr 11th '12


Wanna Touch My Flower? 49 kids; Commerce, Georgia 5566 posts
Apr 11th '12


Puff the Magic Dragon! 15 kids; Ontario 14235 posts
Apr 11th '12


wombie 4 kids; Zimbabwe 73281 posts
Apr 11th '12

well I'm online all day but I'm at work and my kids are at school/daycare

and I'm not mean to anyone unless they deserve it

oilfieldmama 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Foss, Oklahoma 30 posts
Apr 11th '12

Watching. This should be good

Yurvette [♥] TTC since Jan 2016; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Hyrule Castle, LZ, San Marino 37262 posts
Apr 11th '12

lmao.. right now my son is duct taped to the wall so I can hear sad stories. lol.

AshleySmashley Due August 28 (boy); 1 child; Washington 2436 posts
Apr 11th '12

This will surely end disrespect towards young moms.....

Seriously tho, you're just opening yourself up for it now.

Rumple Foreskin 3 kids; Kentucky 47763 posts
Apr 11th '12
Quoting TeenTubby:" I hate how some of the other moms out there have to be so damn disrespectful to younger moms... Like ... [snip!] ... you know something productivee!!... Instead of having your your fingers on the keyboard go make something of your kids k bye."

You know everything about parenting until you become one.

Im currently sitting under a tree on my kindle while my kids jump on the trampoline and dig holes. Yay for multitasking.

Perhaps people are mean to you because you act like a dumb b***h.

Puff the Magic Dragon! 15 kids; Ontario 14235 posts
Apr 11th '12
Quoting Y[♥]:" lmao.. right now my son is duct taped to the wall so I can hear sad stories. lol."

Lmao. You too eh!?

Same, and i tapped the sippy cup and a snack ...juuuussstttt out of reach.

Crystal Mom of 4 4 kids; New York 6309 posts
Apr 11th '12

Ranting will solve all the problems of the world. :lol:

Emmy's Mom 1 child; Indiana 1831 posts
Apr 11th '12

I hate when people get on the Internet to tell people being on the Internet is a bad thing and makes you lazy.

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Apr 11th '12
Quoting Rumple Foreskin
Adriana'sMombie 1 child; Quakertown, Pennsylvania 2113 posts
Apr 11th '12
Quoting Puff the Magic Dragon!:" "


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Apr 11th '12

I went ahead and flagged this. No point in pretending it's anything but drama.

Meℓony ♥ 1 child; Huntsville, AL, United States 3800 posts
Apr 11th '12

LOL. you know nothing yet.

I thought the same thing, now I'm always on BG while LO is occupied..
Or facebook, whichever.

Oh, and it's not like babies take naps, play without needing our help, or feeding themselves (older babies I mean)

You will understand later on.
I'm a "young mom", I don't take anything offensive on here anymore, or disrespectful unless someone is bashing someones kids.