This is so sweet Aristotle'smommy+1 Due November 11 (boy); 1 child; Travelers Rest, South Carolina 942 posts
Apr 7th '12

I found this on the back of a March of Dimes newsletter.

As I love you through the glass, the hours seem so slow to pass
I stroke your skin and hold your hands, this isn't exactly what I planned.
I cast my eyes up to the sky and say a little prayer
That you and I will stay strong and all will provide loving care.
So sleep and grow, my baby and dream of clouds of foam
And I will love you through the glass until you can come home.

Alexa Rader 1 child; Spring Grove, Illinois 123 posts
Apr 7th '12

Awwww =] <3

RainbowBright 18 kids; Ontario 464 posts
Apr 8th '12

That is so sweet! Agreed.

Mirah 1 child; Mississippi 913 posts
Apr 8th '12

Ok I know I'm totally hormonal but that made me a little teary eyed!