Hip pain at 39 weeks Jessicka Mobbs Due July 13; 2 kids; Wrexham, United Kingdom 23 posts
Apr 6th '12

OMG! I am 39 weeks and 5 days and in soooooo much pain at night. So much so I am dreaming about my pain. It's really unbearable and the only way I seem to be able to relieve it is by sitting in my arm chair with a hot water bottle on my back. It feels like my hips are being pulled apart, which I know you will all say is normal at this point in pregnancy, but i is freaking me out. It hurts more on the right side. Gosh if I can't handle this how will I handle childbirth? I am so cranky, and feel so exhausted and useless. Everyone is being so helpful and I apreciate it but feel so helpless, I'm usually so independant :(
I've tryed sleeping with my pillows betweek my legs, and I've slept on every side of the bed to see if that helps (thank god, my boyfriend is patient) and nothing is relieveing it. Is there any pain relief (UK)that is strong but safe enough at this point? I talk to my dr/midwife and they all say the same's all par of the course, which doesnt help my mood.
Sorry for the mega moan, just had enough now xx

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Apr 6th '12're almost done!!