AwkwardAndSilent 2 kids; Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 57 posts
Apr 9th '12

I guess one thing that kind of gets under my skin... (since I'm venting)... I know of two friends who had abortions. The first one did because she wasn't ready for another child and then about a year later when she was, got pregnant and had a girl (she already had a boy). The second girl did because she had plans to do this race and paid money and stuff. Then after it was over, she tried and got pregnant again. It just sucks to watch these things go on. But who am I to judge? I will keep the faith and I thank God for bringing me here to vent a little about things I can't really vent about in real life. I believe it will happen on HIS time.

*BREE* Due January 18 (boy); 1 child; Maryland 4852 posts
Apr 11th '12

I feel the exact same way as you. I had an abortion in August of 2010... I had just started going back to school to be a medical assistant, me and my daughter were living in a shelter for domestic violence victims.. I didn't have a job or any money, I was already struggling so much with my daughter that I couldn't imagine having another child. My insurance covered the abortion, I made an appt and backed out twice before actually going through with it. I took the pills and ended up in the hospital. Now almost 2 yrs later I'm in a much better place in my life where I'm actually able to provide for another child and I can't seem to get pregnant. I want another child so much and i cant help but feel like I'm being punished for what I did.

I think about that baby everyday. My due date would've been April 8th, 2011... My baby would've just turned 1.