Mucus Plug? Am i still loosing it?!? SaRaH&WiLsOn 1 child; Strawberry Plains, Tennessee 14 posts
Apr 5th '12

Okay ladies, this is my first childbirth so i'm still a little rocky on how things go. On Monday at my 38 week/6days appt, My doctor did a membrane sweep to help move things along because i was 3 cm dialated and 50% effaced. Well i had some bleeding afterwards like he warned me, and then about 4 hours after my appt i started having globs of mucus like discharge come out. It hasn't stopped since monday! Everytime i go to wipe there is another HUGE glob of it there, not just little stuff. Tuesday i had some that was tinged brown, then just had more yellowish discharge. Is this STILL my mucus plug coming out?! Not to mention about 2 weeks ago, i lost some huge globs for about 3 days straight. I don't have any kind of itching/burning/etc. so i don't think it's any kind of infection.

Jackie Pierce 18 kids; Los Angeles, California 342 posts
Apr 6th '12

That's what it sounds like to me you can lose it a few times and for a long time...

Monica Carroll Due April 9 (boy); Ohio 10 posts
Apr 7th '12

Hi Sarah! I have the same due date as you and your situation sounds a lot like mine. At my 39 week appointment on Tuesday i was 3cm and 80% and head is engaged low in my pelvis. He did the membrane sweep and two days later (Thursday) a huge glob came out and I'm assuming it was the remainder of my mucous plug. He had told me the previous week that I had lost it which would explain the 5 days of thick yellow discharge. So my guess is that it was slowly coming out little by little for that previous week and then after the appointment the rest came out together. I've heard from other moms that it came out in pieces and not all at once. Good luck to you! My induction is scheduled for tomorrow and I'm trying not to be upset about that because I really want him to come on his own. fyi my induction is due to medical complications

myr-a-myr 3 kids; Quebec 2280 posts
Apr 7th '12

Yes it could be your mucus plug. It could also be that and a combination of discharge. Since you are close to your due date your body could be secreting a whole lot of hormones. Thick discharge can be a way your body is reacting to it :)

Also I lost my mucus plug numerous times in the last weeks of pregnancy. I was told that sometimes the body can reproduce one and lose it more then once.

Good luck!