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Apr 5th '12

Sorry for any mistakes, I'm on my phone.
So my son was doing great yesterday. He was off the high flow, on 29ml of milk, alert active and responsive.
This morning I got a call just after 7:30 to come to the hospital. Early this morning (at around four) he started acting s sick. his belly was distended, he was very lethargic and he stopped breathing twice. He is back on iv fluids (no milk for now), he is on antibiotics. He is also on a ventilator now (he hasn't needed one since the day he was born). Both scans of his stomach came back abnormal soaking that hour digestive system isn't working correctly or as quickly as it should. His blood culture came back positive for a blood-born infection. Soon they are doing a lumbar puncture to determine what is making him sick. I am so worried and scared for my little man.
any mommas gone through this?

P3RvYmCp3rv 2 kids; Carlyle, Illinois 11905 posts
Apr 5th '12

Awww poor baby boy :( I'm praying for him momma!

Mirah 1 child; Mississippi 913 posts
Apr 5th '12

{{{praying for you both}}}

Aristotle'smommy+1 Due November 11 (boy); 1 child; Travelers Rest, South Carolina 942 posts
Apr 6th '12

So eight hours after they drew for a blood culture it came back positive for an infection. At four this afternoon they did a lumbar puncture to get further results. So far everything is with it is normal which is good because it means no infection is going to his brain. His blood count was higher than this morning. He is doing well with the ventilator and is resting. This evening on second shift (7pm to 7am) he has been moving around just a little and has some color now. He isnt ashy and pale anymore. His blood work is normal other than showing signs of infection. Both of his stomach scans show no infections in his digestive track, only that his digestive system isnt working correctly (probably due to the infection). He is doing better and is stable. There are signs that the antibiotics are working. I will know more in the morning after they do another stomach scan and also as more results from the LP and blood culture come back.