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Mar 30th '12


Lovelife143 18 kids; Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 1898 posts
Mar 30th '12

:shock: Not normal.

*~Katrina~* Due January 23 (girl); 3 kids; Houston, Texas 8585 posts
Mar 30th '12

Omg. My gyno has never pinched my nipples or touched my c**t. Ever!

Audi +3.5 Due November 22 (girl); 3 kids; Pinellas Park, Florida 2322 posts
Mar 30th '12

Are you serious?! No, So not normal. o _ o

You're not my demographic 1 child; Wisconsin 26883 posts
Mar 30th '12

What the f**k. You don't even seem bothered by it.

*Mama G* 2 kids; Massachusetts 2252 posts
Mar 30th '12

Lol ummm..... I don't know.
I always feel more comfortable with a female doing those kinds of exams.

user banned California 36390 posts
Mar 30th '12

That is NOT normal!

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15566 posts
Mar 30th '12
Quoting You're not my demographic:" What the f**k. You don't even seem bothered by it."


You're not concerned? It sounds like it's a joke to you.

Smithjmonique052211 Due March 24 (boy); 1 child; Goose Creek, South Carolina 5518 posts
Mar 30th '12

Umm that's not good.

Bearer of ʞings 9 kids; Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain 8251 posts
Mar 30th '12

I've had them pinch my n****e to see if it discharged but they have NEVER touched my c**t. why would they even need to?

I had a BabyBumpBelly 1 child; American Fork, Utah 34389 posts
Mar 30th '12
Quoting ♚Giselle♚:" Lol i swear he was turned on by my breast exam and pap smear. He kept touching my c**t which didn't feel ... [snip!] ... swear he pinched my nipples twice. is that part of the procedure? had it been any other place i might have enjoyed that lol."

You need to report him.

ⓖⓡⓘⓝⓒⓗ 2 kids; Azeroth, .., United States Minor Outlying Islands 16415 posts
Mar 30th '12

What?!? My Gyno has never done any such thing. Not normal...

Klaus 2 kids; Mississippi 27174 posts
Mar 30th '12

WTF no I've never had a gyno touch my c**t EVER, and I've seen 5 different ones.

I don't remember ever having my nipples pinched either but honestly I'd be less bothered by that since they do a breast exam. But there is NO REASON for them to touch your c**t.

Crystal Mom of 4 4 kids; New York 6309 posts
Mar 30th '12

That is completely inappropriate. Even if it didn't bother you he may be doing it with someone else who is younger and doesn't know that it's inappropriate. You should really report that. There is no medical reason for a gyno to touch you like that during a routine exam.

♥♬♡ 2 kids; Pennsylvania 10385 posts
Mar 30th '12

ummmm that is not good.
even if you liked it i would report it, what if he does it to women that don't want that to happen? what a creep i would have knocked him out.