Pill to dilate my cervix...? M. I. L. F. 1 child; Spokane, Washington 420 posts
Apr 23rd '08

I go to be induced on May 14th. I asked my OB what the procedure was. He said that because this is my first baby it's not likely I'll be dilated. He said there's a pill that gets inserted, ahem, up there, and that will help dilate me, and then he'll start the Pitocin.

What's this pill? Anybody know the side effects of it?

Baby Mutilator 18 kids; Modesto, California 13001 posts
Apr 23rd '08

Idk if it was a pill but I was induced with cytotec. I know theres also cervadil...

SpaceCowgirl Due December 21; 3 kids; Oregon 20240 posts
Apr 23rd '08


Sorry, I'm a dork, I thought you meant a pill that you could put up there on your own, at home.

mommybrain~TOG 3 kids; Ohio 9163 posts
Apr 23rd '08

Sounds like Cervidil. It is a pill of prostoglandins that help the cervix to ripen so that when the pitocin is started, the contractions are more likely to do something. I was induced on the 11th, and while it isn't common, the cervidil put me in full labor. I had my son 10 hrs after it was inserted (and they originally told me they wouldn't even check me for 12 hrs)! Usually, the only side effect of cervidil is cramping (period type) as it causes effacement and dilation. They usually have you come in in the evening, put it in, and have you sleep through the night in the hospital while it does its job. No biggie. GL!

Im gone Due September 22 (boy); New York 3576 posts
Apr 23rd '08

I just had my first baby, I was dialted to a one and was given a pill the night before... it just made me crampy.. i went in the next am and was a 1 1/2 maybe a 2... I hope you have a better experience with the pitocin than i did.. they kept taking me off it for no reason... dumb nurses

B.R.I.T.T.A.N.Y 2 kids; Cincinnati, Ohio 7595 posts
Apr 23rd '08

I used it back in '06. Had a c section after 27 hours. My doc doesn't use cervadil anymore, he said it caused a lot of c sections in his practice where it makes the cervix tender and irritable, but doesn't dilate. So I don't reccommend it personally.

M. I. L. F. 1 child; Spokane, Washington 420 posts
Apr 23rd '08
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