Kea O_O 4 kids; British Columbia 1480 posts
Mar 30th '12

government insurence in Canada covers it, I thought it did in the states to but i'm not sure

Elizabeth 0315 Due February 24; 35 kids; Prince Edward Island 1630 posts
Mar 30th '12

I just though I'd add what my Dr. told me . I had an emergency C section too I asked him if we were to try for another one how long would I have to wait. He told me at least 6 months by the time the baby grew I'd be healed enough. You sound like your having a hard time with the decision, think it all out momma and do what you feel is right! big hugs

user banned 17 kids; Boston, MA, United States 9473 posts
Mar 30th '12

i think it depends, my insurance would cover all but an office visit copay if i went to my doctor, and all but $150 if i went to somewhere like PP

also, do your parents know about this? unless you are very close with them and need their support/approval, its really none of their business. you are not a horrible person for not wanting to bring another baby that you can not care for as well as you would like. if you are 100%, then you have to be 100%. dont torture yourself over this, no matter what. you are making this decision on facts that you have scaled out, and if you believe its the right thing to do, there is no point in condemning yourself as well.