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Incognito Ninja 2 kids; 3 angel babies; That one city, IN, United States 20887 posts
Mar 29th '12

If I had the opportunity to win, I'd be so thankful. I've been unemployed for almost two years now and I haven't been able to find a job. All of SOs check goes to bills or getting the kids what they need. I haven't bought anything for myself in a very long time and I'd love to have the chance to buy a swim suit that ive been eyeing at Walmart.

Plus Sized Momma 1 child; Saco, Maine 421 posts
Mar 29th '12

If I won I would spend the money on my daughter, and my boyfriend.
This will be both our first child and we are terrified but at the same time excited. As any parent we want the best for our child, but soon does everyone with children find out, they are not free.
I would also use the money on my boyfriend because he has sacrificed so much for our growing family. He recently quit his minimum wadge job and found a very well paying job an hour from where we live working 10-14 hours a day leaving little to no time for one on one time. Also with his birthday coming up next month, it would be a great to be able to get him a little something.

TiffanyLynnx3 1 child; Hamlet, North Carolina 939 posts
Mar 29th '12

If i won it would go all to my one year old daughter Arianna Serenity Lynn ♥.

Her daddy works and makes just enough to support us .
Arianna turned 1 March 8th so therefore, i think it would be a great birthday present from a baby-gaga member to let her use the gift card to pick out another birthday present.
I think she would love it because she mostly got clothes at her birthday party because she really needed them. This is her chance to pick out what she wants for her first birthday. (:
-Sincerely, Ariannas Mommy, Tiffany Lynn

★ Raych ★ 19 kids; Roanoke, Virginia 5348 posts
Mar 29th '12

Hello, my name is Raychele. I'm a SAHM of 3 spawns; a 9 year old son named Ashton, a 4 year old son named Layden, and a 2 month old daughter named River Lyn. I am happily married to the man of my dreams, Ray, and we have been married since May 2008.

My DH has just been denied any more physical therapy for his herniated disc and chronic back pain and he will now need to undergo surgery on his spine to fix the issue. He is only 35 years old and we are both very scared. He has been put on temporary disability and so we are really struggling to make ends meet without a little help from my parents. He can barely pick up River Lyn from her sleeper/rocker without him being in pain. If I won a Walmart gift card I would buy my DH a heating pad to help him with his pain and if there was any extra left over I would also get him a new pair of slippers and a firm pillow to help him feel more comfortable as he rests. As much as I'd love to spend it all on my kids or even get myself something nice for all my hard work, my DH has been through hell and back recently with his health, and any healthy 35 year old man should not be falling apart like he is. Thank you so much for your kindness. This would be a blessing for anyone in need.

*Tegan's Mommy* 1 child; Lowell, Massachusetts 1264 posts
Mar 29th '12

If I were to win one of the gift cards I would definitely use it to buy essentials for DD, most likely for some summer clothes seeing as how I don't have any for her, also SO works at Wal Mart so we would be able to use his employee discount to help us save on money.

C A R M E L A💜 1 child; Mahopac, New York 16272 posts
Mar 29th '12

My name is Carmela, I am a single mother to a wonderful 2 year old little girl, & if I won I would spend it on my daughter.
My daughter was delayed in her acivity skills & ever since having an activity specialist come into our home & help us, my daughter can now do the same things other 2 years olds can do.

So, this would have been such a blessing to get her new toys that she would enjoy playing with.

C A R M E L A💜 1 child; Mahopac, New York 16272 posts
Mar 29th '12
Quoting Lil' Nugget.:" lately i've only been to walmart in hick town, all farmers and shit. but i'm going to walmart in the city tomorrow so i'm sure i'll find some. :)"

lol, where ??

Its Eh-Lei Ocala, Florida 4303 posts
Mar 30th '12

wow I would enter but it wouldn't be on anything but my children. =/

★ Raych ★ 19 kids; Roanoke, Virginia 5348 posts
Mar 30th '12
Quoting Its Eh-Lei:" wow I would enter but it wouldn't be on anything but my children. =/"

You should still enter.. almost everyone that has entered will be spending it on their LOs..

Maisons Mommy 21 kids; Carmichael, California 8335 posts
Mar 30th '12

I'd get an Easter Dress for my LO, because we're going to have to skip that this year and I'm bummed about it. I'd also take my friends son, who's 12, and buy him a pair of pants. It was raining the other day and I asked him why he was wearing shorts and he told me that's all he has :(.

user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
Mar 30th '12
Quoting C A R M E L A:" lol, where ??"


Mrs. Hofacker 34 kids; Fort Campbell, Tennessee 16 posts
Mar 30th '12

Hi name is Karina :). I am a proud new mommy of a beautiful little girl named Naomi. Born march 4th :). If I were to win I would spend it on ... For one diapers lol I didnt know how much babies went thru! Wow haha. And a beautiful dress for her to meet her daddy in :). He left for basic training 2Weeks before she was born and he Is going to graduate on the 26th of April. It will be his first time meeting his daughter :). If there is anything left over..breastpads lol.

LittleSluggers 18 kids; St Petersburg, Florida 3065 posts
Mar 30th '12

im a single mother of 5 month old twins and currently out of work. if i won i would buy both chase and chloe new clothes that actually fit them and diapers. My children deserve the best but as of now i can afford the best for them. Their daddy wont even send me 5 dollars for his kids and ignores my calls most of the time cause he knows ill ask for money.

<3 thank you

Heather&Babiesx3 Due September 18 (boy); 2 kids; Lauderhill, FL, United States 697 posts
Mar 30th '12

i would spend it on my DH. he lost all of his hours at a job he was working at for two years and had to get a new job where he is barley making 40 hours a week. he supports me and our son but we barley get by. i have been trying to find work in babysitting but nobody trusts a 19 year old with no experience other than my son i suppose ): my parents are getting a divorce and forcing us to get our own place by june even though we can hardly afford it so litterally every last penny we have in savings from taxes is going towards deposit and first month + moving truck and turning on electricity then we will basically be living paycheck to paycheck until DS turns 1 and i can find some work. DH's birthday is in may and we have sacrificed holidays and birthdays for so long it would be really nice to be able to actually buy him something since i know he won't be expecting it.

Sweetkisses26 3 kids; Morinville, Alberta 809 posts
Mar 30th '12

I would spend it on my son because we have no boy clothes because we have two girls and we are having a boy in May I would also get my girls something as well