Suuuper TTC since Dec 2011; California 1266 posts
Mar 29th '12
Quoting The Situation:" Were you really that bored that you had to investigate to see if it was a real picture? That is seriously pathetic."

If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know this person accused the girl who found the link of having a fake HPT pic thus why she easily found the fakes pic


thanamesTellie Las Vegas, 392 posts
Mar 29th '12
Quoting Man. Bear. Pig.:" Ha ha.... I mean, it doesn't matter to me if people want to fake shit. it's not impacting my life any. lol. Oh well. "

I posted the link because she called my BFP fake lol it was to show she was full of shit and all i did was type in clearblue digital pregnancy test the girl is a troll and goes around bothering people for the f**k of it

but thankfully she is gone

Jimi Hendrix 1 child; Winter Garden, Florida 1138 posts
Mar 29th '12
Quoting Take me as I am:" Agree! What people do now a days for a little attention. You kinda have to feel a little sorry for them in some ways. Ok maybe not lol"

Maybe I feel a slight bit sorry for them since they are lacking attention so much that they need to make up storys, But I am sure they are plently old enough to know better.