IMHO 2 kids; Ontario 7746 posts
Mar 27th '12
Quoting Satan:" I'd like to see this video. If you saw recognizable parts of a fetus coming out and it was old enough ... [snip!] ... not as safe as it would be here. Or C) A fetus with severe problems that was a necessary abortion or it was already dead."

I can pm you the link if you truly want to see this video.

PhukinA! 3 kids; Texas 9135 posts
Mar 27th '12
Quoting ... :/ ...:" Lol, it might but everytime someone says something like that i'd imagine it being in pain etc. I turned ... [snip!] ... the fetus to be moving/alive and whatnot and when it was set on the table and there was no movement it made me think otherwise."

I don't have sound on my computer so I couldn't listen even if I wanted to.I would imagine great pain as well,and I do agree by the time the baby is on the table it does appear to be lifeless.

Heisenberg 2 kids; Fort Myers, Florida 9126 posts
Mar 27th '12

Can i just ask what was the OP from the beginning???

[[Breezy]] 2 kids; Savannah, Georgia 16942 posts
Mar 27th '12

I have no idea what this was all about but LOL @ "People get so offensive." :D