Lindyllou Japan 1 posts
Mar 27th '12


Everyone on here is right you have to be VERY careful about what you buy online. After reading the topic and the post I decided to post about my success with the company you are buying from.

First let me tell you how i became accustomed with that site. My sister who at one point was into drugs was raped at the age of 17 (turning 18) and become pregnant. We took her to the clinic but all the threats and signs of the religious crowd became very embarrassing and we looked for a more private clinic. Well guess what, they didn't' exist. So after doing some research online we too chose First I will tell you the bad and good.

The bad: The medication took longer to get here then i anticipated and it looked like customs opened the package to see what was inside but according to Alinrx, because it is not a controlled substance and is a legal medication, they cannot seize the medication. I also googled arrest from taking the abortion pill without a prescription and only found 1 story and the lady was later acquitted of the charge.

The good: The medication worked! , and came with antibiotics. Now I will tell you there was nausea, cramping, and diarrhea but I read that these symptoms are normal. She never once did goto the doctor and is fine today living a very important lesson and most importantly drug free.

So in general, I wish the best and when the times comes for you to be ready to have a child then you may try again. But please to everyone saying goto the doctor, yes i agree 100% but under some circumstances going to the doctor is more traumatizing then the actual abortion, this option is available.