Looking to buy Preemie clothes/ hospital sample bottles,samp Katrinagym84 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 1170 posts
Mar 22nd '12

I am looking to buy a couple SUPER cute premie onesies or onesie/pant sets, sock bibs..
Also looking for one of the tiny soothies u get from hospital little hats and the ready to feed bottles with the n****e on them for my daughter to play with. Can pay show me what you have. thanks.

also SAMPLE sizes of baby wash, lotion, ointments, etc for her diaper bag. lol/
I have a few but looking to see if there are more outthere.. Can pay TODAY

[lak] Maine 11050 posts
Mar 22nd '12

Are you looking for just the hospital beanies or nb beanies too? I have a ton of those.

Katrinagym84 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 1170 posts
Mar 22nd '12

um refer the hospital ones as there knit so tiny and tight but its for a doll so any

{tamz} Due April 19; 2 kids; Maryland 2549 posts
Mar 22nd '12

do you mean the soothies that the hospitals/NICU's give out or are you talking the actual preemie soothies?

Katrinagym84 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 1170 posts
Mar 23rd '12

either one not picky at all

October2011 Due August 5; 3 kids; Pennsylvania 8805 posts
Mar 23rd '12

walmart sells all that for cheap....

Shay&&twins+1 3 kids; Ada, Oklahoma 305 posts
Mar 25th '12

I have a big ol' bag of cute preemie clothes!! I had boy girl twins 6 weeks early, so I got a lot of preemie clothes, and they grew out faster than I thought, a majority of them haven't even been worn at all, I took all the tags off and washed them, and they've just been sitting in a bag for the past month. I have preemie beenies too.

Rachel223 Japan 1 posts
Jun 16th '12

Do you still have the boy ones and how much for all of them