My due date -The Breeder and the brat Due January 24; 159 kids; Florida 2775 posts
Mar 11th '12

It passed already or what would have been my due date . I'm just not sure how to feel, I kind of feel sad but I'm happy too since looking now I can't imagine having 2 kids and being in the situation I'm in right now, without my support system here to help on top of starting a new job. I'm happy also because I kind of had doubts about it being SO baby and glad not to have the problem and worry of having to explain a fully black baby to SO . Atleast now I have learned my lesson and I can focus all my attention on DD.

pls dont quote

Lee.. 2 kids; Sydney, NS, Australia 923 posts
Mar 11th '12

I am glad that you are in a good frame of mind after being through something very difficult.
All the best for your future.