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I decided to switch my baby's name. Which do you prefer? NicMirabella Due May 14 (girl); 32 kids; Pennsylvania 27 posts
Mar 10th '12

Her name was going to be Willow Eden, but for personal reasons i have decided to change it. These are the two that i am thinking about using.

Zoey's My World Due May 5 (girl); 1 child; New York 2123 posts
Mar 10th '12


one of each 4 me TTC since Jan 2015; 3 kids; Ohio 6295 posts
Mar 10th '12

i think harper is a pretty name

Monique and Dominic's mom 2 kids; Wyoming 2769 posts
Mar 10th '12

Harper is a beautiful name.

user banned 1 child; Portland, Maine 20613 posts
Mar 10th '12

Harper is pretty. When Nicole Ritchie named her daughter Harlow people kept calling her Harlot.

No Earth Mother 2 kids; Darlington, United Kingdom 7435 posts
Mar 10th '12

I love both names but im leaning more towards harlow.

That one mom. 1 child; Florida 648 posts
Mar 12th '12

I ADORE the name Harlow. Harper not so much. My friend named his male dog harper...