Breech baby causes leg/hip problems?? Ayden & Mason's Mommy 2 kids; California 126 posts
Apr 18th '08

I was wondering for those of you who have had babies in the "frank breech" position if they had leg problems?? I was looking online at a picture of what the frank breech position looks like since i was told thats what my baby is in and freaked me out when i saw a newborn a few hours old with his legs stuck streight upward still!! I know when babies are in the classic fetal position in the womb there legs kind of stay that way for a few days after sooo if the baby has been in a breech position with his feet by his head will his legs be stuck like that for a few days?? lol also read that some newborns that were born this way also had some hip problems and were more common to have bow legs when they come out??
So if anyone has deliverd a breech baby either natural or through c-section let me know if you experienced this or if its just a fluke...thanks!! :)

Mama ♥ 's Bri Due May 9 (girl); 2 kids; Southaven, MS, United States 15775 posts
Apr 18th '08

someone who is on here said her baby had hip baby is also in the frank breech position.........and we were talking about this problem ill find her posts about it

mom of three kiddos! 3 kids; Texas 5868 posts
Apr 18th '08

I was a breech baby i dont know how i was but i have hip problems. Now my son was breech and i had to have a c section and my hip hurts worse now but he hasnt really shown any signs of his hips bothering him but then again i didnt really see him after birth much. But he does have a shoulder that clicks alot.

Mama ♥ 's Bri Due May 9 (girl); 2 kids; Southaven, MS, United States 15775 posts
Apr 18th '08

link to the page im talking about and link to her profile



Ambalika India 1 posts
May 3rd '11

I have deliverd baby who ws in breech position for long time. her leg is bow shaped. I am really scared. I want to know how to get the legs in shape.She is 6mnths old now.Can anyone plz help.I m a single parent and I m really worried