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Mar 4th '12
Quoting Sebastians Mommy♥:" You cant control me nor tell me what to do so ill do whatever the f**k i want (:. And yes its a growing baby dumbass."

Oooooh e*thuggin.


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Mar 4th '12
Quoting Man. Bear. Pig.:" Oooooh e*thuggin. "

Image no display.

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Mar 5th '12
Quoting Bonnie Beaver:" Image no display."



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Mar 5th '12
Quoting Jas ♥:" Different situation lovie. You're in a stable marriage and are capable of taking care of yourself, G and the new one on the way."

thank you love :)

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Mar 8th '12

if you were on BC how did he get you pregnant on purpose?

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Mar 10th '12
Quoting Bonnie Beaver:" If I was you, I'd abort."


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Mar 10th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Renee Gunter:</b>" MURDERER BELIEVER!!"</blockquote>

Stfu troll.

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Mar 10th '12
Quoting Renee Gunter:" MURDERER BELIEVER!!"