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status Apr 17th '08

So for the past month and some change I've been getting these random, but daily, sensations of numbness on my forehead - in the middle of my eyes.. It feels like I got smacked in the head with a wiffleballbat only w/o the pain (@ first) - and then sometime afterwards I start getting pains @ the nape of my neck..

And ugh! Right now my right pinky and ring finger are numb.. WTH?! Is this pregnancy related or just regular freakishness? I'm wondering if my OB will be concerned @ all about it (I doubt it - are they ever?)

I've also been feeling weak as hell lately.. My face looks like shit, especially under my eyes - I look haggard as fck.. I'm getting so tired I feel like this baby is made of kryptonite or something.. Gahdamn I could use a drink right about now

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Apr 17th '08

might just be nerves...if thats the case there is nothing you can do...or it could be circulation...

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Apr 17th '08

i would def call about all of that, when my left leg started going numb on me, they told me only to worry if my face started swelling, went numb, stuff like that.

HeterV 2 kids; Virginia 927 posts
Apr 17th '08

for being tired and feeling like the same problem..i was told smoke some wont but i was told this doc said a little pot relaxes you and will help you sleep and a little pot doesnt hurt the baby ..not sure if i believe it or not but hey

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Apr 17th '08

your hand going numb sounds like carpal tunnel, which is common during pregnancy and might or might not go away afterwards. It happens when a nerve in your elbow gets pinched. Try nto to lean on that elbow too often and see if that improves. But DEFINATELY talk to your doctor about the numb sensations in your face. That sounds pretty serious.

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Apr 17th '08
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Apr 17th '08

This started happening to me and I went to the ER after my entire face went numb. I was diagnosed with bells palsy but on my slip they told me if I started feeling weak to come I would definetly get it checked out. Bells Palsy isnt fun..Its gotten so bad I cant move my lips, nose, blink properly, or even scrunch my forhead. I also get pains like right behind my ear. Its all on my left side though. Go get it checked hun.

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Apr 17th '08

scary numbness...
Ask your Dr.
Could be circulation issues?
IDK what the hell I'm talking about:wink:

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