user banned 2 kids; Indiana 12251 posts
Feb 23rd '12

DD's was always in the 140's and highest was low 150's. DS's has been in the 150's-160's.

Rae's mama *USMC* 17 kids; Fort Walton Beach, Florida 5538 posts
Feb 23rd '12

It's an old wives tale. Just fun to compare.

*nicole*ashley New York 86 posts
Feb 23rd '12

in the beginning mine was 180ish but once i hit 15 weeks it went down to 140 and im having a girl

mommy to 2 girls 2 boys 20 kids; Spokane, Washington 585 posts
Feb 23rd '12
Quoting Rae's mama *USMC wife*:" So I'm 10 weeks and 4 days and heard baby's heartbeat today it was 160 bpm. What was your babies heartbeat at this period and did it turn out to be a boy or girl :)"

At 10 weeks for this pregnancy my baby boys heart rate stayed about 158 and now at almost 21 weeks it has gone down to 145

MaddyManko 1 child; Racine, Wisconsin 664 posts
Feb 23rd '12

My boy has been between 150-160 bpm.

amy & adrian +3 3 kids; Wisconsin 821 posts
Feb 23rd '12

With my oldest who is a boy his heart rate was always in the 160's.
With my second who is a girl her heart rate was always in the 140's
This is my third and at first it was high in the 160's but after the 3 month mark its been in the 130's 140's and its a boy so its different from the first except it was in the 160's at one point.