Feeling your uterus! )*)*)*)*)*)*)*) 2 kids; Spearsville, Louisiana 2515 posts
Feb 26th '07
Okay I am 17 weeks preggo as of tomorrow and I was just wondering how do you feel your uterus and how do you know that is what it is..I have just been hearing people say that you can slide your finger down from your belly button about 3 inches and feel your uterus..Im confused..I dont know what Im feeling for!
Shara Brelyn Indiana 1 posts
Jan 5th '11

try feeling on the sides too, and lay down on your back when you are feeling for it. If you feel on the sides and you feel something hard, follow it around and you will notice that it feels like there is a ball in there!

Sarina Marie`s Mommy* 17 kids; Newton, Massachusetts 953 posts
Jan 5th '11

im only 15 weeks and i can feel mine if i lay down on my back and just rub my lower stomache and put some pressure on it , its weird and when im in the shower shaving my legs i put my leg up on the thing where the water comes out ( lmao drawing a blank on whats that is called haha ) and bend over and i can feel my uterus like shift kinda ?